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Strasbaugh Financial Advisory, Inc. and You:

Building financial confidence for navigating life changes

We are on your side. At Strasbaugh Financial Advisory, Inc., we strive to be remarkable for our clients by shaping all that we do around our key mission: to provide objective financial advice that serves your highest interests. Our fee-only model of compensation means we accept no commissions or other third-party sales incentives to distract us from this essential role.

How can you tell us apart? The financial universe is teeming with service providers. At Strasbaugh Financial Advisory, we strive to be remarkable for our clients by guiding our services with a fusion of experience, competence and structure.

We provide caring service and financial clarity for pre-retirees and retirees, doctors, widows and widowers, current and retired military/private contractors, and other individuals and families based in Colorado Springs, Colorado; Scottsdale, Arizona; and across the southwestern U.S.

We bring particular expertise to retirement distribution planning, helping retirees find a comfortable balance between wealth preservation and lifestyle spending.

"Happiness is a dividend on a well-invested life." - Duncan Stuart

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